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You’re Burnt Out, Not Lazy – Six signs you need to understand

Why does it feel like you spend so much time in your bed and not doing much lately? are you someone who gets tired easily and doesn’t feel like doing anything. Do you label this kind of behavior as “Laziness” nothing much. Laziness and Burnout are very similar to each other it is very hard to find different between these two. lets break this one by one


It is a negative state of Emotional, Physical, and Mental exhaustion, caused by excessive “STRESS” and the inability to cope with it, As a 2018 a survey say that 75% of an Adults in the United states alone experienced the symptoms of Burnout. in these days it is we can educate ourselves and learn more about the nature of Burnout.

Here are the signs you’re Burnt Out, Not Lazy

#1 You feel disconnected from everything – Are you going to emotions of everyday fun as autopilot is there a persistence feeling being detached from yourself, If your suffering from burnout one thing which you will not understand is “Depersonalization” People experiencing depersonalization who commonly suffering from trauma, who report this feeling as emotional Numbness or emptiness. to be simple as if like they are watching the world from outside of themselves, they don’t feel engaged anymore and they will try to take back control of their life.

#2 You Use to be motivated – Laziness is a character trait, and these character traits tends to remained over time, if you use to be self motivated and high achieving, often excelling in certain areas then only recently become exhausted, pathetic and unmotivated. Then it is definitely you are are suffering from Burnout not Laziness as most people would think.

#3 You use to be passionate – The clear difference between someone who Burnt Out and someone Lazy is that the person is will lack of interest or job on that particular thing anymore weather it is a talent or sports or academics, Burn out can makes it difficult to love things once you were passionate about , you might come to a point to start hating it because you worked so much for it and pushed yourself for it and because of it.

#4 You become Moody and Irritable – You steadily find yourself easily irritated and you often feel emotionally out of control and you don’t know why, in this case both moodiness and irritability are common and often overlooked as a sign of Burnout, if you are start having a trouble controlling your emotion but it general it is never use to be a problem before it might be the reason why, Lazy people on other hand are super contrast to this because they are relax, laid back and unaffected by things.

#5. You neglected your Self care – One of the distressed common sign of someone who physically and emotionally burnt out is that they stop taking care of themselves and socially withdraw from other. There is a change in you diet, sleeping pattern, you stop grooming yourself and you spent your most of the time by doing nothing. because you will be easily get exhausted by a very simple task.

#6 These changes happened gradually – Remember the Burnout it develop in stages, see all the point above, Losing interest & Motivation, Feeling detached with everything around you, socially withdrawn, you don’t even take care of yourself. And all these thing won’t happen in a night. spotting a signs of burnout early, makes it all more easier for you to get help and recover from it.

So if You are if anyone you know who is suffering from Burnout or emotional Burnout please don’t hesitate to reach out for professional help and talk to them about it. If you find this article helpful hit link and leave your comment below.

Edited by Kali_Slytherin

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